The girl

Nurlita Tri Ayuningtyas ;DD
Thank you God for being there when nobody else was. I'm a relatively good girl. People call me Lita.
You mean everything to me,
Irfan Aditya Primanto I love you so much Baby♥
you're on your way

I always missing you
Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Yes I'm scared. I’m scared that your gonna leave me soon . And yes i’m jealous that she gets to see you , i’m jealous that you talked to her , i’m jealous that you had fun with her . I’m scared .. i’m jealous . But that’s only because you mean alot to me .

Hi jealousy......

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I know
relationships aren’t easy, so much comes with them. No one actually realizes how much trouble a relationship is until they’re in one.

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I want....
I want you to fall for me so hard, that you become scared to lose me. I want you to dwell in my existence; where a day without me would feel incomplete. I want you to fall as hard for me, as I’ll fall for you. I want you to remember me always, and I want you to chase after me when I push you away. I want you to pull me back when I’m trying to leave. I want to feel the reflexes of my own words. I want you to keep me grounded when I’ve done wrong. I want you to be relentless. I don’t want any constrictions in my chest, but the bones that shapes our interest. I want you to fall so hard for me, that you realize you’ve never even felt this way about someone before. And if I left, I would want every thing we ever shared to make you remember me. I want all the things we did, said, and never got to; to make you remember me by. I want to know you’ll fall so hard for me that if a song we shared came up on the radio; it would make you have this sudden sharp pain in your chest. And in those fleeting seconds, I hope you know how much you fell in love with me and how you can’t live without me. I hope then, you’ll come chasing after me. It’s selfish I know, but I want to be the only girl you have your eyes on. I want to be the only girl you actually fell for. I actually want to be the girl you end up with. I want to know you’ll fight for me.

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Rabu, 09 Maret 2011
"Kamu sayang sama aku,tapi kamu udah kaya lepasin aku secara engga langsung" -I wont let you, Fan. Maybe it's just not true feelings

"Kamu jangan ngomong kaya gt lagi ya yang,jangan negative thinking terus" - I will try :'D

"Jangan ngecewain aku yah hehe. Aku peluk sini biar kamu engga kemana mana lit" - irpaaannn({})

"Yang,kalo ternyata kamu jelmaan kuntilanak gimana?" - wkwkwk What if that happened to me Fan????

"Aku mau Lita aku yang lama balik" - :''''''''''))))

"Setia ya sama aku yang. Katanya mau pacaran yang lama sama akuuu" - HIHIHI:'D

"I got your words,Sweety" -Thankyou.

I spoke with him yesterday. And then he said something like that. I don't know why but I really liked it hihihi

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Happy Annivrsary

Happy Anniversary 2 months Irfan Aditya Primanto !!! A tons of love for you!

Selamat 2 bulan sayang, semoga makin sayang ya sama akuuuuuuu :)
goodluck UN nyaa yaa aku selalu dukung kamu dari sini yang. hihi! Maaf kalo selama ini aku salah salah sikap ya sama kam
u. A big hug for youuu ({})

I love you

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I don't know why I love him
Kamis, 03 Maret 2011
He makes me feel so safe and so loved, in his arms I am truly safer. I'm always say I'm not okay but I know everything will be okay. He always makes everything okay. When he smiles at me my heart could soar. Every stupid love song on the radio belongs to us. It’s so nice just to love him and not care and know that he loves me back. It’s nice to be with him and spend time with him and watch his sweet face as he sleeps and to feel his heart beat. I think if you felt our heartbeats they would beat at the same time. I feel like this is when I hug you tight. He makes me feel like I could be anyone and do anything I wanted. The way he protects me makes me melt, and the way he is so overprotective♥

No.I won't leave you

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Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011
anyone knows about "Distance?" hahahaha. Sebentar lagi gue bakal ngerasain ituloh. Jauh dari pacar sekarang dan gatau kapan kita ketemu....
yap, itu karena dia sekarang kelas 3.
UN berapa bulan lagi ya?
Sebenernya kalo inget inget itu gak pernah abis sih,tapi itu selalu keinget dan susah buat gue lupain.

  • Setiap pulang sekolah gak ada lagi yg gue tengokin..
  • Setiap pulang sekolah engga ada lagi yang anterin gue pulang...
  • Setiap hari gabisa ngerjain,cubitin lg...
  • Setiap istirahat gak ada lagi yang ke kelas....
  • Setiap gue bawa bekel,gabisa gue kasih lagi.......
  • Setiap gue kangen gabisa langsung ketemu.......

The most important thing for now I really love you, Fan. I always do. I need you. Promise me you'll never go away. Promise me you'll always stay! "will you leave me?" "No. I won't leave you. I always there....beside you;'D"

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